If you're serious about becoming a professional pilot and want to begin your career as soon as you can, or just want to fly with us, Phill-Air is for you. We provide professional flight training in the shortest amount of time possible, for an affordable price. There simply is no faster way to become a professional pilot.

At Phill-Air you learn to fly with a fleet of well-equipped airplane and modern ground school facilities. Approval by the FAA under FAR Part 61 ensures your training meets all FAA requirements and is organized with a well-structured, precise training syllabus.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the following minimum requirements must be satisfied to receive a Private Pilot Certificate:

16 years of age to solo, 17 years to receive license
Read, write, speak, & understand the English language
Earn a medical certificate from an approved Aviation Medical Examiner
40 hours minimum flight time
Pass written test
Pass check ride to standards for FAA Private Pilot
We offer sightseeing and aerial photography gift certificates and discovery flights
* Cessna 150
- Rate : $115 per hour
* Piper Warrior PA28
- Rate : $135 per hour
- IFR Certified
* Please note that prices may vary depending on fuel costs